Friday, October 19, 2007

Treadmill Time!

This morning, I had to run 20 miles on my treadmill. My husband was out of town, and I couldn't leave my kids home alone at 5:00 am to go run with the group, so the treadmill it was. I had rented "Who the *%$# is Jackson Pollack?" a documentary about a 73 year-old female truck driver who found a presumed Jackson Pollack at a thrift store for $5.00. I love quirky movies, and this one definitely fit the bill - especially because it is true! Teri Horton (the woman) is quite the character, and the movie is genuinely charming, so the first couple of hours of my run went by pretty quickly. Next, I watched "The Flying Scotsman," the true story of Graeme (pronounced Graham) Obree, the world champion cyclist. Again, a very entertaining, quirky movie (complete with subtitles because the Scotch-English is so hard to understand), so I made it through the last 7 miles without going totally bonkers! I will finish the rest of the movie later. I've managed to log a lot of miles this week, but none of them have been particularly fast. I was a little tight after the marathon, so I didn't want to risk injury. Next week, I hope to ramp it up a little because then I start to taper.

Last night, because both of our hubbies were out of town, Linda and I talked on the phone for a couple of hours while I made and ate dinner (turkey and swiss panninis, french fries, and mint chocolate chip milkshakes - quite the healthy meal. I hope my coach isn't reading this:). It was so much fun! I love talking on the phone with my sister. We got on the internet and checked out new releases on Barnes & Noble (we both LOVE to read). We dissected several of our favorite novels and then moved on to movies. While our tastes are not really the same, we do overlap in some areas. We also both try to at least give each others' recommendations a go. Sometimes we are surprised at how much we like a book or movie that we assumed we would hate! I think that is why Linda is such a good writer; she is a true reader. She really appreciates the works of other writers, and a great story. I love that about her.

So, we are off to Barnes & Noble to get a few of the books Linda and I talked about last night. I am so excited! There is NOTHING better than a great book (well, maybe that isn't entirely true...).

P.S. A new cupcake place opened up right by my house! I'm going over there today to check them out. I'll let you know what I find!

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