Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Semi-Solid Gold aka Movie Popcorn

Is there anything better than movie popcorn? With a real Coke? Seriously. I can eat an entire large bag by myself, and I did just that today. I went to see "The Jane Austen Book Club," and, what is the point of a movie if you don't eat the popcorn? The movie itself was pretty good, too. But don't take your husband (although boyfriends are still required to sit through these types of movies). It is pure sap. And as Linda mentioned earlier, I'm not big on sap. The caveat to this statement, though, is that I looooooooove sap in movies. I just don't like to read it. I have no idea why my feelings differ depending on the form. Heck, my favorite movie is "Love Story." I mean, come on, it doesn't get much sappier than that - "What can I say about a girl who died? That she loved Bach, the Beatles, Beethoven, and me. Da da da da daaaaaaaaa." It makes me misty just typing it. But I flat out cannot read ANYTHING by Nicholas Sparks. My gagometer hits the red zone.

On to Goji juice (NFI). Yes, I did see Dr. Oz (or Mahmet as I like to call him, as "Doctor" is simply too formal for anyone who discusses the consistency of his poo on national TV) touting the wonderful health benefits of the goji berry on Oprah. Linda is right. It tastes funky. But you only have to drink a little, so I'm just taking a swig and hoping for the best. I take quite a few vitamins/supplements, so I'm just tacking it on to the routine.

On the running front (I know I'm supposed to focus on this, but there were a few other verrry important topics to get out of the way first), I have finished my mileage for the day: 10 with Ingrid and then 10 by myself later. Now I just have weights and pilates left. I'm running a marathon this weekend for a training run, so I don't want to get crazy this week. I'm pacing a friend, and I don't want to be a liability to him. Nothing makes you remember a marathon like having to give your Pacer CPR!

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