Wednesday, January 27, 2010

"No woman is required to build the world by destroying herself."
- Rabbi Sofer (I'm stealing this fantastic quote from Kathy Wing - it is on her blog, and I loved it!)

Okay, since I seem to be doing a lot more cooking than running, I thought it only appropriate to include photos. I never take my camera on a run, but I do always have a camera close to the kitchen! Tonight, I made bow tie pasta with oven roasted chicken, and mixed green salad with pears, gouda, caramleized pecans and vinaigrette. Oh, and yes, bread!

Yes, we're still practicing taking food pictures. It is actually quite difficult, believe it or not.

Anyway, I did have some good workouts today. I joined my friends for a quick 6 miler around the neighborhood. Then, later in the morning, I went to the gym and got on the treadmill and elliptical. I'm making a concerted effort to stay injury-free, and after a long hiatus, I tend to get injured if I start up too quickly. This afternoon, I did a quick session of low-impact aerobics while watching Oprah. She did a wonderful show on the importance of eating well. I loved it.

Tomorrow, back to Barnes and Noble. I am in desperate need of a new, great book. "A Homemade Life," proved to be a great book. I really, really enjoyed it! Now, the problem lies in finding something as appealing as it for my next selection. Any suggestions?

Tomorrow, 6 miles downtown with the group and then I will take it from there. With no race goals, I have no specific plan for the rest of the day. I will keep you posted.

Happy Running!

Friday, January 22, 2010

Happy Running, Happy Reading, Happy Cooking

We know we are shining, / Though we cannot see one another.
-James Wright (taken from "A Homemade Life," by Molly Wizenberg)

I know this blog tends to revolve around running, but since I'm really taking it easy these days, I thought I should attempt to include some of the "Read" element of the blog. Right now, I am reading another book I love, love, love! It is called "A Homemade Life," by Molly Wizenberg. Now, as odd as it sounds, I love to read cookbooks almost as much as I love to read memoirs. And, halleleuia, this book is both! Don't misunderstand me, I don't actually use the recipes in the cookbooks I read (I am way to ADD to follow a recipe), but I feel like I sort of absorb some of the information for later retrieval - kinda like watching a marathon on tv and counting it as training!

Anyway, this book is great! I want to try all of the recipes and I want to be Molly's friend. She is both clever and funny, a winning combination as far as I'm concerned. Before each recipe she puts in the book, she tells a family story about how she learned to cook the dish. Many of the stories are funny, but some will bring a tear to your eye.

In honor of, or as a result of, Molly's book, I have been very busy cooking this week. Last night, I made peppercorn crusted pork tender, au gratin potatoes, slow roasted tomatoes, and a bread salad. Because I am a freak about au gratin potatoes, I even ate them for breakfast after a hard hill run this morning! I think they are the perfect recovery food :) Tonight I am making an herb roasted chicken with Yukon Gold potatoes, and a mixed green salad with pears and blue cheese. Of course, it will all have to be served with some yummy bread because who can eat salad without bread?

It has been so great to take a break, but I am glad to be moving towards some serious running. I missed you, oh favorite sport of mine! As I said, I met my friends for an 8 mile hill run this morning and then had a second workout this afternoon of biking. I don't want to hit it too hard, too soon, because that is how I ended up hurt last year. I may go out after dinner for a walk, but I will see how things go - no promises.

Happy Running!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Good-bye 2009!

I hate to say this, but I am glad 2009 is over. It was a rather stressful year. I felt at loose ends the whole time, with several odd events occurring. On the running front, although I did manage to get first female (2nd overall) at Run With the Wind 6 Hour in Austin in December, it wasn't enough to get my mojo back. I went to Freedom Park to run the 24 Hour in hopes of re-qualifying for the US National Team, but quit after 12 hours. I just couldn't find any motivation. And 24 hours is a LONG time to run if you aren't feeling it! It was cold and drizzly the whole time, but honestly, I think I would have quit even if the weather was perfect. I just wasn't having any fun.

So, I am ready for a new year, with new challenges and fun things to try. I don't know if I will continue to run 24 Hour events or if I will try something new. I don't know if I got burnt out on the event or just had such a weird year that the running piece became tedious instead of fun. We all know that this is a sport you really have to enjoy to make it worthwhile - it is too dang hard if you don't love it!

Don't get me wrong, I am totally psyched about the new year. I just haven't decided exactly what direction I'm going in with my running. I can't stop running - I dream about it, I love it - but I have to figure out how running is going to fit into my life. There are so many fun things to do, so many races to run, at the moment, I can't choose. But I'm reading, writing and running, so I know that I will figure it out soon.

Happy Running!