Friday, January 22, 2010

Happy Running, Happy Reading, Happy Cooking

We know we are shining, / Though we cannot see one another.
-James Wright (taken from "A Homemade Life," by Molly Wizenberg)

I know this blog tends to revolve around running, but since I'm really taking it easy these days, I thought I should attempt to include some of the "Read" element of the blog. Right now, I am reading another book I love, love, love! It is called "A Homemade Life," by Molly Wizenberg. Now, as odd as it sounds, I love to read cookbooks almost as much as I love to read memoirs. And, halleleuia, this book is both! Don't misunderstand me, I don't actually use the recipes in the cookbooks I read (I am way to ADD to follow a recipe), but I feel like I sort of absorb some of the information for later retrieval - kinda like watching a marathon on tv and counting it as training!

Anyway, this book is great! I want to try all of the recipes and I want to be Molly's friend. She is both clever and funny, a winning combination as far as I'm concerned. Before each recipe she puts in the book, she tells a family story about how she learned to cook the dish. Many of the stories are funny, but some will bring a tear to your eye.

In honor of, or as a result of, Molly's book, I have been very busy cooking this week. Last night, I made peppercorn crusted pork tender, au gratin potatoes, slow roasted tomatoes, and a bread salad. Because I am a freak about au gratin potatoes, I even ate them for breakfast after a hard hill run this morning! I think they are the perfect recovery food :) Tonight I am making an herb roasted chicken with Yukon Gold potatoes, and a mixed green salad with pears and blue cheese. Of course, it will all have to be served with some yummy bread because who can eat salad without bread?

It has been so great to take a break, but I am glad to be moving towards some serious running. I missed you, oh favorite sport of mine! As I said, I met my friends for an 8 mile hill run this morning and then had a second workout this afternoon of biking. I don't want to hit it too hard, too soon, because that is how I ended up hurt last year. I may go out after dinner for a walk, but I will see how things go - no promises.

Happy Running!

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