Saturday, April 17, 2010

So many things going on! I know that is life, so I'm just trying to stay focused :) I am still running, even though I've had to put any definitive race plans on hold for the moment. This week has been good - lots of miles - although none of them were particularly fast. I'm still cooking like a woman possessed; tonight, sweet seared beef with roasted endive, red potato au gratin, and arugula. I think I use cooking as my relief from stress! Some people use running, but cooking works better for me.

We have been travelling every weekend, so today, since I was home, I have done almost nothing. I got up at 5:00, met my friends, did an 11 mile run, and then went home and went back to bed. It was heaven. I roused myself after an hour, because Top Chef Masters was on, and that was enough to make me go to the store for dinner ingredients. The boys are at the State Math competition, so Tim and I are on our own - a nice dinner seemed appropriate.

Tomorrow, another easy run with friends and then coffee - my favorite part of running! I should end up with 100 miles for the week.

Happy Running!

Friday, April 02, 2010

The point is to live everything - Rainer Maria Rilke

What a week! Crazy! But, oh so much fun! I told you about the boys getting braces - yikes! They were so excited about them, until they actually got them :) We have spent the last few days trying to find food that will fill up two teenage boys and not kill their teeth. It has been tough, but things are looking up. Yeah!

I've had some great runs this week, including a nice 15 miler yesterday morning followed by 5 miler in the afternoon. I don't usually do 15 at one time (unless it is a planned long run), but I slept in and needed to get the miles done. I was taking my wonderful mom out to lunch, and didn't want to have mileage hanging over my head. She has always been a solid support in my life and spending time with her has always been one of my favorite things. We went to Ripe and had Tortilla Soup, Cranberry Turkey Sandwiches, and Mediterranean Salads. Yum! Loved it!

Today, I woke up early (like 2 a.m. early - Hello!) and couldn't go back to sleep. I finally just got up at 4:00 and got on the treadmill, then went and met the group, giving me 12 for the morning. Another 8 later gave me my (OCD) 20, and all is right with the world :) Have I mentioned that I love to run? Funny, but my mom and I were talking about how, when I was little, I would spend hours working on the perfect back flip or cartwheel, etc. Because it was the '70's, she didn't worry (thankfully). Today, I'm sure they would have medicated me :)

Anyway, tomorrow morning, I'm meeting a great guy who is going to take pictures for my new website! Yeah! RunnerSusan is designing it for me (I've been a fan of her work and blog for a long time), but I didn't have any great photos. I never order photos and no one ever takes pictures of me, so I'm doing it tomorrow. Please stay posted to see the new and improved site. Because of my coaching, I needed something a little more informative and accessible than the blog. Susan is going to incorporate the blog into a bigger site so that I can include the coaching info.

Okay, Pizza Night at the Johnson Household. Hopefully, it will be soft enough to eat!

Happy Running!