Friday, October 26, 2007

Going Deep

Today is Friday. The only thing special about Friday, other than the usual TGIF elements, is that it is the day I get my deep tissue massage from Frank. You may recall that Frank has "magic hands," which translates roughly to "He will commence to cause you unbearable pain that will only make you wish you were getting hit by a truck, so that by the next day you will be able to run pain free once more." I'm not kidding. Frank is due at my house in two hours and I'm already worrying about it, hence the post. He never gives the same treatment twice, half the time you don't even think he is paying attention, and he always makes you scream. But dang it if he doesn't fix the problem. It is amazing!

Now, please don't tell Frank, but I have been cheating on him and going to the Green Tea Massage place right next to my grocery store. It is a little shop, store front, where a small group of Chinese women give THE BEST foot massages on the planet. And they don't make me scream. Much. The first 20 minutes, you soak your feet in a wooden bucket full of very warm eucalyptus water. The lights are low and you are sitting in a big, soft leather chair, covered in heavy cotton towels. Then your masseuse comes out and begins working on your feet and calves. It is heaven! She incorporates reflexology and some deep tissue, but mostly it is just a great massage.

I had a pretty intense day yesterday - a lot of speedwork incorporated into the mileage plus weights - so, today was a pretty light day. I will take tomorrow off, just some walking, and then run the marathon on Sunday. I'm very excited about running with the group. I have never run an entire race with other people, so I am really looking forward to it. And I think the post party will be a blast. Have a great weekend!

Coming up: my opinion of a strawberry bundt cake from Sam's.

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