Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Liquid Gold a.k.a. Goji Juice

Carilyn, you’re here!! Too funny about “getting” to read what I write since Carilyn reads everything I write, whether she wants to or not when whole chapters show up in her e-mail with no warning. In what I know is a moment of pure sap (which I happen to love and she hates) I am lucky to have a best friend who also is my amazing sister.

But I digress…. She Who Also Writes This Blog--but who will remain nameless in this particular discussion since I haven’t a clue if she ever did anything about this subject and she may not want ANY part in it--said she heard Goji Juice is being talked up as the new Fountain of Youth by none other than Oprah Guru, Dr. Oz. Given that I am trying to fight off the effects of aging with a stick plus every cream, gel, scrub, peel (natural and otherwise), I decided I would take the plunge. I went to a supermarket (yes, we have them here—okay, maybe super-ish market) and got a bottle for $7.99. Turns out this brand contains much less actual Goji juice, so you have to drink significantly more of it to get the recommended serving. And let me just say this is some foul tasting stuff. I held my breath and chugged 8 ozs like a frat boy at a kegger. It took me the rest of the day to recover.

Not to be deterred, and determined to doggedly pursue anything that swears it will make me glow with vitality, I went to the health food store and purchased 100% Goji Juice—which, by the by, is a whole lot more expensive than $7.99/bottle. Good news is that you only have to drink an ounce and a half twice a day. So I poured out a shot and threw it back. Let’s just say that I will probably never be a big fan of the taste, and had to follow it up with a pumpkin pie chaser. The price of beauty. I will keep you posted re: the results in a few weeks…..

Tomorrow I have jury duty…...will report in when I’m done.

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