Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Just a Quick Update

Training is going well, but there just never seems to be enough hours in the day to get everything in! The weather is gorgeous here, mid 50s-70s, so the running is fantastic! Gratefully, nothing dramatic has happened - no skunks, robbers, or flat tires - so life is pretty good. We have a three day weekend coming up, so I'm hoping to get in lots of running, and hit a few of the local apple, chile, or Renaissance festivals. My kids love them. Since we are on the border of two states (Texas and New Mexico) and two countries, there is always a lot of diverse activity going on.

I also want to head over to Hueco Tanks to watch the professional rock climbers practice. Every year, the best of the best head to El Paso for Fall/Spring rock climbing. They camp out and climb every day for weeks. It is truly fascinating to watch them work/play. I'm completely freaked out by heights, so I am in absolute awe of the climbers. Nerves of steel.

Tonight is the season premiere of Project Runway, so I am trying to get everything wound up in time to curl up in bed by 8:00. I love that show! Top Chef runs a close second, although it makes me hungry!

Tomorrow is hills/tempo work. I'm heading back down to El Secundo Barrio. Hopefully nothing scary happens!

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