Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Posting and Eating

Tim is working late, and the boys ate early, so I am eating my dinner in front of the computer. Yes, I know, incredibly pathetic and unhealthy, but very indicative of my life right now. Yes, I am loving the sleeping in and lack of structure, but I am HATING THE LACK OF STRUCTURE. It makes me do things like eat in front of my computer. And eat a pound of gummy bears. And watch too many episodes of "House."

Yes, I am running. A little. And yes, I am going to the gym. A little. But I am all over the place, like Eloise at the Plaza (if you were born after 1975, ignore that reference), zigging this way and that. If you want to know how bad it is, I ran trails today! By myself! Ten miles up and down, no watch, no pacing. Just me and the little things that do not hibernate in the winter scurrying around me. And I enjoyed it!

I know I have to get back to a schedule soon. Seriously, my family is starting to suffer having a mother/wife who acts like someone from a bad 70s sitcom. I will get back to a schedule soon. I promise. But right now, House is on and I have to go finish my dinner.

Happy running!


Rooster said...

Watched all the back episodes of House a bit ago. No structure can lead to some over relaxing at my house but enjoy it.

angie's pink fuzzy said...

happy running!