Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Maui Wowee!

Okay, there was really no wowee involved in this Spring Break Vacation, but Maui and flu do not rhyme, and thus, do not make a catchy title! Yes, Tim and I got the flu BAD the second day we were in Maui and spent the entire trip in our hotel room with fever of 102 degress, chills, coughing, sneezing, etc. Our poor kids had to eat almost every meal at the pool cabana because it was the only restaurant we could see from our room! We just kept sending them out with instructions to get something vaguely nutritious and charge it to the room. It was terrible.

We finally recovered somewhat the day before we were coming home, just in time to fly back. It was such a drag - and such a disappointment for the kids. They still have no idea what Maui is like because they mostly saw the grounds of our hotel! After we made it home, I woke up Sunday morning throwing up. I guess I caught round #2 of the virus on the plane ride home. I've been in bed until yesterday afternoon. That is 10 days, mostly in bed, no running, no eating, no nothing. I lost a ton of weight (and not in the good places :), so I still feel pretty weak.

I had my appointment with Scott today, where I desperately tried to weasel my way out of running Ruth Anderson 100k, but he was having no part of it. My complaints of being weak, malnourished, undertrained, etc. fell on deaf ears. Man, oh man! No sob stories for Scott! He is the consummate positive thinker and assured me that I was in fine shape for a "tune-up" run. Hmmm.

I ran 4.5 miles today, but started feeling dizzy, so I stopped. I'll try again tomorrow and hope for the best. I'm hoping I just need a few days of good food and fluids and then will bounce back quickly. Scott wants me to run my last long run this weekend, but we're just going to have to see how it goes. I may be taking a 4 week taper!

I did take pictures the first day we were in Hawaii (surprise!), but I still haven't found the camera (it is highly possible that it is still under the bed at the Kaanapali Beach Hotel), so I still can't post any pictures. Trust me though, there weren't many taken, so you aren't missing much!

I'm trying to check in on everyones' blogs, but it may take me a few days to post comments. I hope everyone had a good Spring Break!

Happy running!


Bev said...

Oh my goodness, what a disaster! Nothing worse than being away from home when you're sick. And 10 days without food and running must be killing you. Get some good food in you and you'll be a new person. One thing is for sure, you'll never forget that spring break trip. Take care.

angie's pink fuzzy said...

oh NO!!! take care and rest up.

olga said...

Too bad we can't see the pictures, and even worse your vacation was spoiled with been sick! Take care of it.

Rooster said...

Bummer! The dreaded flu,yuk. On the positive side I had the flu 8 days before OC100K forcing me to loose 6 pounds (over 1% of my body weight) and bounced back just in time to make the race and finish. You have 4 weeks so you should be good to go by then. Once you get off the BRAT (bananas, rice and toast) diet. :) When I complained to Scott and try to sandbag he told me the story of some guy that had the flu 3 days before his best race ever! Rest up and gain weight. :)

Anonymous said...
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Bob Gentile said...

oh Dang it, sorry to hear about the FLU bug during V-Cat (sigh))))

OH Well now it's just an excuse to go back next year :-)

Take care of yourself & see ya in a June!