Thursday, February 21, 2008

Do You Think It's the Cupcakes?

Okay, my mileage is finally back up. I'm lifting. I'm doing Pilates and core work. I'm working it, doggone it! And I still have a Buddha Belly! What's up with that?!

Ever since carrying two people around in me for 9 months, I have had trouble with the Belly. But after taking almost a month off after Ultracentric (and it was the holidays!), the Belly has wanted more attention. It sticks out, demanding that I look at it even when it is covered up! It refuses to comply with the "low-rise" jeans ordinance that says you cannot wear said type of jeans if anything shows over the waistband. It mocks the slinky new dress I bought for a party, saying, "If you think I won't make an appearance under that thing, you better be thinking about a girdle." A girdle! Do they even make girdles anymore?

As I mentioned, I have dutifully returned to my favorite high-mileage running routine. I have dutifully done my "extras" - abs, Pilates, etc. BUT IT WON'T GO AWAY! The rest of me is tight, fit, like a long-distance runner should be. But my watches Larry the Cable Guy and aspires to be just like his.

So, after much careful consideration and analysis (okay, not much really), I have decided that it must be my beloved Slammin' Chocolate cupcakes with vanilla buttercream icing. You know which ones I am talking about - the ones from my favorite little cupcakery right up the street. The ones I must get once a week just so I can lick a little frosting off the top before breaking them in half and redistributing the rest. The ones I Can't Live Without!

Hmmm. Maybe I could just cut them down to once a month. Do you think then the Belly would go on vacation?


olga said...

Who is talking belly? You wnat to see belly? Go look at my last pictures! That's belly, and I don't even eat cupcakes! Now, lets see if Fatgirl can run:)

angie's pink fuzzy said...

could be the cupcakes....but could also be the babies...

for me, it's excess skin from when i used to be 200 lbs...won't ever go away...

Bev said...

Could be a cupcake loving alien. You might want to have that checked.

Really, low-rise jeans are out and Spanx will control your little tummy in that slinky dress.

Eat the cupcakes! You run a kazillion miles for goodness sakes.

I guess I wouldn't be a good accountability partner for you, huh.

KendraBo said...

I think only one cupcake a week is freakin' heroic! And they sound so delicious that it's not only impressive that you have one a WEEK but that you only have ONE a week (did that emphasis make any sense?). Girdle schmirdle. The days of fainting are so over. Have you seen those underwear that pad your butt? Hysterical! Seriously, your belly goes along with being a proud mom (not that I'm saying you'll never get rid of it) and I also have this small doubt it's as big as Buddha's. :)