Monday, January 28, 2008


As most of you have probably been able to tell, I've been a little nonplussed with my running lately. I just haven't been able to get it together since I took so much time off. I was really getting a little frustrated by it, and with myself. But yesterday, finally, I had a GREAT run! We started at 6:00 am, doing a 6 mile road loop because we always go back to pick people up at 7:00 who don't want to go as long. I drank a Boost (even though I'd had a piece of pizza at home before I left), grabbed my water, and headed out for a 10 mile loop on the canals and the river. We kept our pace about 8:30 - sometimes a little faster, sometimes a little slower. It was in the 50s, sunny, and so pleasant. We talked about the usual: politics, kids, books, food and races. After we made it back to our cars, a few people only wanted to go 4 more (for 20 total), so we did a short canal loop, dropped them off, and then headed out for our last 6 mile road loop.

At this point, we were like horses heading back to the barn. We were ready to be done. It helped that we have a new runner from Seattle in our group who is running Western States (I honestly think he is the only person I know who got in), so he is really ramping up. We did several short bursts, a loose fartlek type formula, and then recovered. In the middle, we had to sprint because we were right next to a golf course and a few guys were about to tee off right next to us. After the sprint, we were treated to the sight of our local parrot flock. The story is, that several years ago, somebody let two parrots loose in the valley. There are now about 20, and people come from all over to see them. I have had people parked in front of my house with binoculars trained on the parrots in my tree. They fly all over, but seem to stay within about a 1/2 mile radius. The squawk really loudly every sunrise and every sunset. It is very cool! Anyway, Luis (the new guy), was captivated! He is originally from Mexico, and said he hadn't seen parrots in the wild since he was young.

We finished up the run by slowly lowering our pace until we were sub-7:00. It was a great end to a fun run. 26 miles. I felt good through the whole thing, and best for the last 6 miles. It was almost as if I had to do some fast running to get myself revved back up. I fully expected to be sore/tired this morning, but felt great. I ran 18, some of it at pace, and never felt drained. I'm not sure what the scientific explanation is, but I am so relieved to feel stronger.

The weekend was topped off with two very excited children. It seems that my parents had thrown the boys an "UN-Birthday Party" when they spent the night Saturday. Grant and Spencer said my parents surpised them with balloons, a chocolate cake, party favors and presents from the dollar store. They had a blast! Since their actual birthday isn't until June, it really was a surprise (it's rare that you can pull something over on an 11 year-old). When I talked to my mom this morning, she said she and my dad had as much fun as the boys! What a hoot!

I hope everyone is having some fun training! It's been reallly motivational for me to read about everyone else's running. Thanks for reading and for posting!


olga said...

If you ever tell me you like runs "long and slow, like you" I'll bite you:) Sub-7! Dream never been so far in my 'hood") Awesome!

Rooster said...

Wow, awesome run and great that you are feeling...back in the swing of things! I have to agree with Olga....sub 7 on a last part of a 26 mile run is something to strive for....for sure. I have to try and do 8-8:15 on last 10 of a 30 this weekend and I have my doubts. Then to top it off 18 the next day!!! Way to go girl!

Love the surprise party, very neat.

Carilyn said...

Olga, as you are my idol, I know for a fact you are very fast - I seem to recall MANY first place finishes, including Top 10 WS - but prefer to run like I do - long (I think you also said tough courses, but I'm a baby, so I'm not copying that part of your racing strategy)! I just meant that I prefer longer races because I can only hold a fast pace for a VERY short period of time :) I'm always at the back at the beginning of a race and just praying that the race lasts long enough for me to catch up!

Ronda, that sub-7 didn't last very long! I think it was just the thought that I hadn't died AND I was about to be done! Good luck on your run this weekend.

olga said...

I am not are too sweet. But I strive to improve, may be hopefully get to where I was when that WS happened...some day again:) May be in a couple of years.
Speaking of - to run longish race and have "easy" road yet a taste of trail, may be you can do American River 50 in April? You'd do awesome on 26M bike path, and then learn to navigate not too bad trail part. It has some hourse hooves and ups and downs, but it's not difficult, and only rocky in parts.

Bev said...

Great post. Glad to read you found the groove. I really look forward to reading a race report from one of your ultras.

Bob Gentile said...

Olga's fast when she is not injured--LOL she will kill me for that one :-)

Awesome Miles Logged...Way to get ur groove on and feel strong again :-)

Funny how we get out of it so fast but then we can turn it around...well sometimes --haha

Have a great week!