Friday, January 18, 2008

Disney Photos

Here are some of our race pics from the weekend.

Brian (brother), Tim (husband), Rick (brother), Me
I think this must have been at the Start because it is dark. The race started at 6:00 am, so we left our hotel at 5:00. As I said, this was Brian's first marathon and he rocked!


This was Tim's second marathon and we had a blast, running the whole thing together.

I'm finally getting back into a schedule. I'm trying to enjoy my new yoga class, but am finding myself about a flexible as a surfboard. The instructor keeps coming up to me, trying to contort me into the proper position, assuming that I am not trying hard enough. It's kind of embarrassing. And very painful. I'm assuring him that I am trying but that it will take time for me to be able to "crane" like the rest of the class. Ugh. Please remind me that this is good for me:)

With my rising mileage, I'm finding every food group massively appealing. I'm really trying to take cues from Ronda and Julie and be more aware of what I'm eating. But come on. What about cupcakes? I must have cupcakes.

In fact, I must have a cupcake now! Happy running!


Bev said...

What an awesome marathon experience with your family. It's probably not too challenging for an ultra like you.

Cupcakes are a food group unto themselves. Yummm!

Bob Gentile said...

Hey Carilyn...welcome back, reviewed ur report below...umm forgot the camera huh :-(

Sounds like a blast u guys had & I saw the WD Medal -- Very, Very Nice Bling!!

olga said...

Must have cupcakes...or for me something like pork sausage (don't care for sweets much). Must have variety. And little time to prep - and that the rest of the family would eat the same, as no time to prep twice. In fact, I am so bad, I rather grab a sandwitch than cook.
Yoga is good for you. It'll come. I can't really be compassionate, as I used to be a yoga instructor, although with last year almost avoiding any stretching all together, I definitely become pretty horrible (by my own standards). But if you take it slow, amazing things WILL happen to your body. To a certain (your own) extend, but it will. So forget that instructor (she may not be very wise by pushing you) and thinks of wisdom words: if you feel something and doing the correct form - you are practicing yoga and reaping benefits.