Monday, June 16, 2008


I was tagged by Jamie, so here goes:

1) How would you describe your running style 10 years ago? I was pushing my twins in a Baby Jogger up and down hills - walking and jogging when I could. There wan't much running going on!

2) What is your best and worse run/race experience?
Best: Ultracentric 2007. I was shooting for a personal goal of 120 (the minimum needed to be considered for the US 24 Hour National Team. My PR had been 118 at FANs (my first full 24 Hour race), so I thought it was a possible goal. After I reached 100 miles, I asked my husband to quit telling me my mileage count because there wasn't anything I could do about it - I was doing the best I could. After it was all said and done, I had run 126.99 miles for third place. I was so happy!

Worst: I guess that would be a tie between Ruth Anderson because of my bad attitude and Kettle Moraine because I screwed it up so badly.

3) Why do you run? I run because I like the feeling of motion, I feel free.

4) What is the best and worst advice you have been given about running?
Best: Train the way that works for you. Ultrarunning is very personal - there is no one size-fits-all training program. When I have tried to train "by the book," I lose interest and motivation. When I just run and let the results fall where they may, I am a much happier person.

Worst: Don't run so many miles. Because of the above, I have to run a lot of miles! :) Seriously, because I hate specificity, I make up for it in distance. This method is not for everyone, but it suits me.

5) Tell us something surprising about yourself that not many people would know. After my Junior year of High School, I went to college because I had taken all of the substantive courses offered (this is back in the day before AP, etc.). I went to a school 12 hours away from home, pledged a sorority, got a 4.0, and then came home for Christmas. I went to my high school to turn in my transcript (I still had to meet the hours needed to get my high school diploma) and my principal told me he wouldn't accept my college courses because there was nothing that would correspond at the HS level. I had to return to my high school for the spring semester, enroll, and then get a job at Red Lobster where I received "work credit" that would apply to my high school hours. Go figure. It was very strange. I resumed college the next fall.

Hope everyone is having a fun summer! Happy running!


Bev said...

You've got to be kidding! I'm outraged over your senior year debacle. Where is that principal!
He should be hunted down. What a message to send to over achievers. I'm sure you have gotten over it by now so I'll try to do the same.

Bob Gentile said...

After my Junior year of High School, I went to college
wow, and ya what BS about that Principal...

You are an awesome Super Mom!!

Bob Gentile said...

UMMMMM Hellooooooooooooo what did I just read on Kelly's blog????
Carilyn Said: Or just avoid trail ultras altogether
huh??!!!! what!!!! NOPE Sorry Missy that is not gonna happen, YOU LOVE TRAILS and YOUR A great TRAIL RUNNER :-)


Please repeat 100 times when u go to bed and when u wake up for the next week...thanks

this is what I do--lol umm cause ya know I live in umm Trail-less land also...

and CALL me when u get a chance so we can catch up!!

Cara K said...

Wow! Great to hear about your amazing accomplishments! If anyone has had the opportunity to get to known you well at all they would know that this success is absolutely Carilyn!! I feel so happy for you! Know I can keep up with your life more than once every 2 years.
I love you,