Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Heavy Training - Done!

So, all of the heavy stuff for KM100 is done. I'm a fan of the 3 week taper, so starting yesterday, my taper has officially begun - yeah! This week, I'll ratchet back the mileage and start focusing more on speed, stretching, and getting my body rested. I was pretty tired by Sunday and had to force myself to finish my long run on Sunday. Yesterday was a nice recovery run and today we're tackling Hell Hill - a 3.5 mile steep, continuous climb with a long meandering, 4.5 mile run back down (we take a different route). The rest of the week I'm going to do some tempo work, more recovery, and lots of walking. I'm going to try to do some specific training rather than my usual run, run, run.

I'm getting super excited about the race! As afraid as I am about running trails at night, I really think it's going to be a blast! I still haven't found a pacer, but I'm not going to get too wound up about it (at least not yet :). My husband, Tim, is going to be there and maybe if I look sad enough he will come join me for a few miles at night. He's a great pacer, but doesn't train on trails so he's not too keen on running this course in the dark. A few years back, he fell during a trail run and broke his leg in four places and then had to hike out of a ravine. He is a tough guy, but not so keen on the trails.

I am so ready for summer. We finished the last of the big stuff for school and we're in the home stretch! Yeah for lazy days and sleeping late (for the kids, that is - I still have to train :). My kids are moving on to middle school and I'm a little melancholy about it. They are just growing up so fast! Such is life.

Happy running!


Rooster said...

Have a good and restful taper! Sounds like you are ready for your race and I bet once you get out there and evening falls you will love it. I just love the night running....very stealth and surreal.

Alex is in middle school (6th grade) and I was dreading it but it's been so much fun watching him change and grow but it does whiz by.

angie's pink fuzzy said...


Chisholm Deupree said...

I'm able to "step inside" of the tikki headlamp from petzle and wear it at waist level to provide good lighting at night. It sure boosts my confidence on dark trails.

Anyways, have a great race,

Bob Gentile said...

Yeah Taper Time !! Sounds like ur ready and have some good focus going into the race...

ummm Trails, well I have like no experience on them except when I have to do a race--lol but I am not planning on flying around that much either---It is going to be cool to go into the woods at night, I heard it's SOOOO Different then during the day.

Best thing I am looking forward to is all the unknowns, going to be such a great adventure.

See ya all Soon!!

Bev said...

Get that rest! You've got a great adventure in front of you.

Kiddos grow so fast. They are such special little blessings.