Monday, November 26, 2007


Since I'm taking a three week break from running, as per Scott's end of year plan, I don't really have anything running related to post. I also don't bake, so I don't have any yummy recipes to post (check out Julie's) either, but I think I will try some of her recipes. I haven't done any exercise since Ultracentric because my right hip is sore. I'm not in any rush, so I thought I would just chill for a few more days and then see how it goes with some swimming and elliptical.

I need to start thinking about next year's race schedule. I don't get to do many big races because everything is so far from El Paso. So far, I have done Boulder, PCT 50 (loved it!), Ultracentric (twice), FANS, and Umstead. As you can see, I am a flatlander, preferring flatter courses. I just never train on trails (way too uncoordinated and the trails here a very rocky), so I tend to gravitate towards the flatter races. I love the adventure element of trail races, but I guess I will just have to live vicariously through others for now.

Recently, a running buddy asked me why I follow the blogs that I do. I tried to explain, but there wasn't really a cohesive theme around the people I pick to follow. Obviously, I follow Scott because he is my coach. But I follow Olga, Ronda and Julie because I just like what they have to say. They are each inspiring in their own way - Olga for her empathy, great spirit and hugely positive impact on the sport of ultrarunning; Ronda for her strength and commitment to running; and Julie for her all-around take on running and life. I also follow Angie and Susan because they have personality plus! Their blogs are a blast to read! So, there it is. I hope that offers a good explanation. Each of us learns so much from others, and blogging is a great way to share what we've learned and see what we need to learn. Thanks for blogging and reading!


olga said...

Take a good rest, girly, you'll be thumping a new season in no time! Funny how you picked thing that differ between us:) I love reading Juls and Ronda's blogs too, and learn from these two gals!

Rooster said...

Have a great rest! I am a terrible rester but I have matured in that area over the years. I am a total mountain runner but I am going to break out of my mold and do the Orange Curtain 100K in Feb. You should give it a go. I haven't ever done anything like it so 10X6.2mile flat loops should be a total experience....I can't wait to see what happens to me. Come and show us how it's done!

I find reading others blogs totally interesting. All the personalities and approaching to running and life are cool to read.